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K-Holla - #EmbraceF8


An inspiring story of relentless persistence crossed with divine intervention

Kyle Holloway is the president of hyFen8ed Entertainment LLC. hyFen8ed (pronounced hyphenated) represents the importance of finding unity inside yourself and then bringing everything together to fulfill your true purpose in life. We are all looking for a reason to belong and feel acceptance, if not from others, from ourself. Once you embrace fate you will realize everything is going to be alright! #EmbraceF8

"The midnight toker of rap"

K-Holla is an artist/songwriter creating crossover rap/hip hop mixed with alternative pop. With a style comparable to Mac Miller, J. Cole and Prof, K-Holla effortlessly maneuvers over emotional instrumentals with multi-syllable rhyme schemes, extremely catchy hooks and relatable storytelling while combining his unique blend of playfully arrogant humor, heartfelt authenticity and a sense of growing introspective enlightenment. If you’re open minded Holla might just make you question your entire perspective towards life and feel a connection to something that is unexplainable yet somehow feels like an undeniable universal truth.

Originally from Beloit, WI, he has matured from a young stoner rapper using clever lyricism with a laid back vibe into a diverse songwriter with topics that range from love and his personal experiences with depression and addiction to introspective views about life and death. Using his electric smile, undeniable heart and nonchalant charisma, his songs are quickly capturing the hearts of new fans. 

“You might be able to sing or rap better than me but you will never out heart me!”

Since officially starting hyFen8ed Entertainment LLC in March of 2018, K-Holla is picking up steam with the release of his “9trippa EP” dedicated to the memory of Mac Miller. #9trippa represents the angel number 999. The influence and power of this number will make you a true believer in angels. According to numerologists, 999 is one of the most powerful numbers because all the characteristics of 9 are tripled in this number. The primary meaning of 999 is completion. It is also the symbol of universal love. This number aligns you with the highest frequency of spiritual light and bridges the gap between your earthly self and your divine self. 

“This fire in my heart burns brighter than the darkness in my soul."

Shortly after releasing "9trippa EP" Kyle's cousin Skyler passed away, completely shocking his family and breaking him down to a place in his heart he hadn't been since the passing of his grandmother when he was eleven. His cousin was autistic and only in his twenties when he passed but he was an extremely bright light in this dark world who would perform for packed houses dancing and telling jokes. Everybody loved him and he will be greatly missed by all the people he touched with his beautiful soul. At Skyler's celebration of life, Kyle began experiencing synchronization and became aware of signs that were undeniable. He then made a promise to his aunt Paula that he would never let the light go out for Skyler or her. It is sad under these circumstances but after the family had somewhat become distant after the passing of his grandma, it now seems to be stronger than ever before! Continuing to overcome his battles with addiction and depression, K-Holla represents triumph against fear, insecurity and paranoia. He is and always will be a passionate, persistent, pothead allowing you to share his story and experience feelings that come from the depths of his soul.

"Everything I do is dedicated to you and grandma Anita. I know you are both always with me. I'll never let the light go out!"

R.I.P. Skyler Dodson